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On the Issues


Determine successful strategies to fund providers who serve seniors, and other vulnerable adults on medical assistance to assure funding matches the regulatory expectations for staffing. Without changes, private pay charges continue to increase.

Everyone benefits when health care providers can serve community members with desired staffing ratios.


Shift the reliance on unemployment insurance and focus on workforce development, labor shortages, and training for those out of work, with a strong commitment to the trades. Over the last few decades, small businesses and Northern Minnesota towns have been greatly affected by these cornerstone industries slowly shrinking year after year. Supporting and allowing these industries such as mining to return in a safe and environmental way, will help revitalize these communities that have been seemingly forgotten as the decades pass.

Everyone benefits from a sense of individual purpose.

Public Safety

Support all our first responders and military. By allowing our first responders to have the proper funding necessary, we help ensure all communities have agencies/departments capable and ready to respond to the problem at hand.

All communities no matter how big or small deserve to feel safe and have adequate first responders to answer the call.


Promote initiatives which support strong schools, school choice, accountability, and transparency with parents on curriculum and academic standards.

Everyone benefits when families & children are offered learning platforms which support and encourage various opportunities for individual development and collective well-being.


Improve access for childcare services. Assure a supportive model for family run daycare and corporate day care allowing family choice.

Everyone benefits when families experience a trusting partnership with quality childcare settings.

Gun Rights

Natalie will be a strong advocate for the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. Gun ownership is a part of Northern Minnesota’s culture with various hunting seasons. High School trap teams are one of the fastest growing High School sports across the country. Women comprise a large number of the current conceal and carry registrations.

Everyone benefits when we prosecute the ‘real’ criminals and NOT law abiding citizens.


After nearly dying of cancer at 48 years of age, I am keenly aware of how precious life is for us all. I will advocate for the unborn, born, and ensure dignified aging for every citizen.

We have a unique fingerprint for a reason. Life is precious.