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Compare the Candidates

Law Enforcement & Public Safety


  • Voted to lessen criminal penalties for violent criminals (HJ 5396 4/16/21)

  • Voted against funding Violent Crime Enforcement Teams to combat drug and human trafficking, gangs and car-jacking crimes (HJ 6302, 4/21/21)

  • Voted against increased penalties for a gang member in possession of a firearm (HJ 762, 6/29/21)
  • Voted against increased penalties for first degree assault against peace officer, prosecutor, judge, correctional officer or National Guard member resulting in great bodily harm (HJ 6319 4/21/19)
  • Voted against regulating charitable bail organizations such as Minnesota Freedom Fund and prohibiting charitable bail organizations from providing bail for defendants charged with a violent offense, defendants who have a criminal conviction for a violent offense, or a defendant required to register as a predatory offender (ISS HJ 758, 6/29/2021)
  • Voted to defund police (HJ 242 6/18/20)
  • Voted to allow a city or county to disarm its police (HJ 5120, 4/29/21)
  • Voted against increased penalties for the sale of fentanyl (HJ 12639, 4/29/21)


  • Supports fully funding law enforcement so police can keep our communities safe.

  • Supports full sentencing for violent criminals.

  • Supports increased penalties for gang members in possession of a firearm.

  • Supports zero tolerance for first degree assault causing great bodily arm for those who protect us.

  • Supports regulating charitable bail organizations such as Minnesota Freedom Fund for those with violent offenses, and those required to register as a predatory offender.

  • Supports funding programs to combat drug and human trafficking, gangs and car-jacking crimes.

  • Supports fully armed police in every community.

  • Supports increased penalties for sale of Fentanyl.

Economy & Taxes


  • Voted against legislation supporting mining in Minnesota (HJ 6046 A-12 amendment, 4/21/21)

  • Voted against ending needless and frivolous lawsuits that block the Line 3 project (HJ 228 A-27 amendment, 6/21/21)

  • Voted against legislation that would stop the costly overreaching California cars mandate (HJ 497, A-2 amendment, 6/25/21)
  • Voted against social security tax relief for seniors and instead use the tax break for Hollywood film studios (SSI HJ 792, 6/30/21)
  • Voted to raise taxes $1.6 Billion (in transportation over the next four years) HJ 5432, 4/17/21


  • Supports Minnesota Mining.

  • Supports ending frivolous lawsuits that erode our ability for energy independence, and a strong economy.

  • Supports choice for electric, gas or diesel vehicles, not a California mandate for electric only.
  • Supports ending Social Security tax for seniors.
  • Supports tax reductions to attract new businesses and high paying jobs.



  • Voted for divisive and racist CRT social studies curriculum ( HJ 5550, HJ 5546, 4/19/21)

  • Voted against investigating waste, fraud, and abuse in state contracting (HJ 5365 4/16/21)


  • Supports the pledge of alliance recited daily, with curriculum to assure civics, history, math, science, reading, writing, basic life skills, entrepreneurship, trade programs.

  • Supports audits of all programs with expected target outcomes for success for continued funding to avoid a scandal as the $250 million Covid Fraud case through the MN Department of Education.



  • Voted against restoring $68 million of nursing home cuts (HJ 4435 4/25/19)

  • Voted against providing more mental health beds for children (HJ 6801, 4/26/21)

  • Voted to cut rates for disability services (HJ 6810, 4/26/21)


  • Supports a commitment to fund nursing homes and assisted livings.
  • Supports a commitment to fund disability services.
  • Supports increased funding for mental health for kids and adults.



  • Pro-life


  • Pro-life