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BILLS which became law in my first session

HF 24

Secured $240 million statewide clean lead pipe replacement and clean drinking water

HF 4763

Secured $50 million statewide additional disaster relief funding for emergencies

HF 213

Secured $50 million for statewide emergency food shelf funding

HF 1128

Secured funding for Hermantown Hockey Rink

HF 0416

Secured funding for Rice Lake Utility Expansion for housing and commercial development

HF 0082

Secured transfer of land of waterfront property to the City of Two Harbors

HF 4962

Secured funding for U of M to create Center of Nursing Excellence to add more nurses

HF 5254

Secured funding for EMT funding for Lake County School District for High School Students

HF 5255

Secured funding for Proctor and Hermantown to have increased opportunities for career technical education (CTE)

HF 5257

Secured funding for Duluth public schools to have increased opportunities for middle school students with career technical education (CTE)

HF 5264

Secured law to assure every patient has a minimum of one visitor if in hospital, nursing home, assisted living, or group home should another state of emergency or pandemic occur again.

HF 5254

Secured funding for EMT funding for Lake County School District for High School Students

HF 1999/HF 3377/HF 4181/HF 4724

Secured funding for clean water, state parks and trails, lakes and rivers

HF 5255

Secured funding AEOE (Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency) to assist seniors and community members

HF 4991

Secured access to affordable prescriptions with 340B drugs

HF 5246

Secured funding for tax forfeited lands settlement account

HF 5375

Secured motorcycle lane splitting for motorcycle safety

Bills which I support

HF 4230

Proctor utility expansion for housing

HF 4033

Funding for maternity homes to match planned parenthood funding

HF 3581

Funding tax and fee exemptions for volunteer firefighters

HF 3137

Funding for Rice Lake Veterans Memorial

HF 2715

Funding for Rice Lake Public Safety Building

HF 1613

Funding for Hwy 61 trunk highway to complete project

HF 5128

Authored Women Bill of Rights for safe spaces for biological women in rape/domestic abuse centers, female prisons, and locker rooms

HF 5305

Authored language to assure personal information of judges and judicial staff is private

HF 0216/HF 0308-0319/HF 0547

Supported holding repeat violent offenders accountably, and assuring
public safety regarding sex offenders living in community

HF 2530

Supported the assurance of gas, diesel etc to fuel your ATV, boat, snowmobile or vehicle of your choice

HF 4998/HF 4776/HF 5201/HF 4349

Supported initiatives and tax breaks for family and center childcares and families to assure affordability and accessibility

HF 1193

Supported our Duluth National Air Guard hanger expansion

HF 1613

Supported photo ID to vote like we use to board a plane, buy alcohol, register at hotel, etc

HF 4600/HF 0196/HF 0938

Supported ambulance services for Greater Minnesota with additional
funding, and methods to improve staffing and non-emergency transportation while serving on Aging and EMS task forces

HF 1503/HF 3924/HF 4382/HF 3808/HF 2538/HF 1842

Supporting educators, students, and community with additional funding for safe schools, retirement plans, outdoor school for all, mental health access, and more funding to classrooms

HF 5370

Supported funding for small businesses with losses due to no snow or ice in 2023

HF 5265

Supported increased fee for EV owners on vehicle registration to equal the amount paid by Minnesotans paying gas tax to assure adequate funding for roads and bridges

HF 3648

Supported Direct primary care access to lower costs and increase access to healthcare

HF 4253

Supported first time home buyer interest rate buy down grant

HF 1015

Supported small city funding