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Public Servant.

NOT Politician.

Why I Work for You

To Serve the wonderful cities and townships that comprise District 3B. To Restore a common-sense approach after 2+ years of devastating lockdowns. To Lead past a pandemic to assure children are educated in school and Minnesota children can read at grade level. To advocate for the small businesses in our communities who are the backbone of volunteerism and our tax base. To support the faith community with the right to worship. To Point our compass northeast as we are heading in the wrong direction. To Honor the values of many and a dear Rotarian who taught me what Immer Geradeaus meant, and showed me by a life of example. To continue to serve for Northeastern Minnesota after winning the 2022 election by 33 votes. It was not easy to defeat a 46 year incumbent, but everything worth fighting for is not easy. But, the people of 3B are worth working hard for, and that I will continue to do every day I serve. I believe in term limits and will resign after ten years (5 terms) max. I am honored to work for you all.

Always straight ahead,


Natalie Zeleznikar
Your 3B State Representative 
MN House of Representatives




Meet Natalie

Natalie Zeleznikar is a long-time resident of District 3B and lives in Fredenberg Township. She is married to Dan and together they have two sons and a daughter in law.

She was a  licensed nursing home administrator for 30 years, and co-founded a nursing home alternative for her grandma Hazel in 2005 as a minority owner, and CEO. This alternative was an assisted living model with fewer seniors under a roof for higher care needs. This model provided the desired quaint atmosphere for the last chapter of life that mirrored living on the farm. For nearly ten years this model served 10 Northern Minnesota communities, and in 2013 the majority owners sold. Following the sale, Natalie continued as the CEO under new ownership until 2020. 

Natalie currently works part time as an Executive Advisor for a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) who provides human resource solutions to healthcare providers.

On the Issues

Let’s get back to the basics!

Let’s make common sense “common”again.

Natalie is a strong proponent for limited government with a commitment to lead with a fundamental principle that the role of government is to uphold the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. One party rule has not created a One Minnesota. It is time to lead for a Minnesota that promotes reducing taxes, growing businesses, increasing family child care providers, taking care of roads and bridges, assuring kids can read in public schools, and assuring violent criminals are locked up, so Minnesotans can prosper and feel safe. Common sense, right?

Unfortunately, the liberal extremes have hijacked the Democrat party and forced every idea from the last ten years through. With your support, you will help assure we don’t California Minnesota. Minnesotans do not support extremes on the right or left, and this year we experienced what the extreme left looks like.